Archaeology at the Nye Homestead Sandwich

Benjamin_Nye_House,_Sandwich,_Massachusetts,_circa_1880Since 2009, the Nye Family of America has had an ongoing series of archaeological investigations beneath and around the homestead of their family’s progenitor Benjamin Nye. Excavations began in 2009 with a search for the original mill built by Benjamin Nye in the late 17th century

2009 Nye mill Report

After that, excavations were carried out in subsequent years around the house in an attempt to determine the degree of disturbance present and the archaeological potential for each yard:

2012 Report Yard Testing


2013 Report on Yard Testing

We also investigated within the house underneath the front stairwell in a little room called the “Bugaboo Room”. In this room we found evidence of the original fireplaces that had been almost completely removed in the 19th century during a massive restoration/ rebuilding effort by the Deacon Samuel Nye.

hearth after invest

Report on the Investigation of the Bugaboo Room

In 2014 we conducted a homeschool dig day at the site and investigated the west and north yards. During this field season we succeeded in identifying the cellarhole associated with an extension built onto the west side of the house.


2014 Report on Yard Testing

Most recently we investigated the original ground surface preserved beneath the floor in the West Parlor. This report is not completed yet but will be put up as soon as it is.

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