Agawam Prehistoric Possible Village Site, Wareham, MA

The Agawam Site has been the site of numerous avocational excavations since possibly the nineteenth century. Once considered all but destroyed, several recent archaeological investigations have shown that the site is much larger than originally thought and that it has numerous intact portions. Testing has also identified the site as a very likely candidate for being the site of a base camp or village in the Late Woodland to Contact periods.  The identification of the site as a potential village would help to answer the burning question:  Where are all the Late Woodland Village in Southeastern, Massachusetts?

Read the Bernard Stockley article about this site.  Who was Bernard Stockley?  he was the avocational archaeologists who first published information about this important site in the 1962 issue of the Bulletin of the Massachusetts Archaeological Society (Volume 23 no. 3 and 4- “The Car-Tracks Site, Wareham”).

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(P.S. the back issues of the Bulletin of the MAS up to 1977 are available for review, searching and downloading at the Bridgewater State College Library website)