Archaeology of the Sparrow House, Plymouth, MA

A report on excavations conducted in 1988 by Plimoth Plantation at what may, or probably is not, the original home of Richard Sparrow

SparrowPost2The excavations were conducted in 1988 and they found little evidence of 17th century occupation as most of the material recovered dated from the middle 18th and especially the early 19th century. What they did reveal is data regarding this typical Plymouth family’s involvement in the Cult of Domesticity and its involvement in Plymouth’s widespread markets. The report also found evidence that the Sparrow House was not built in 1640 and was most probably not the home of Richard Sparrow!

This report is part of PARP’s ongoing project of publishing the backlog of information out there about Plymouth, Plymouth Colony, and the archaeology of this historic locale.

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Sparrow House Report