The Bangs Hallet House in Yarmouth, MA 1830 to today


Upon reading in the newspaper that the Historical Society of Old Yarmouth (HSOY) was hoping to do some work to stabilize a portion of the 1840 Bangs Hallet House in Yarmouth Port, the Plymouth Archaeological Rediscovery Project (PARP) volunteered to conduct one day of archaeological testing at the site. . It was known that the house was built in the first half of the nineteenth century, but when exactly was not known. There was also the tradition that a portion of the current structure had incorporated an earlier building, possibly dating to as early as 1740, that had existed on the property. What PARP hoped to do was to determine the archaeological potential of the property, to examine the types of artifacts that were used by the occupants of the house, to examine the possibility of an earlier occupation of the land and to provide the HSOY with some recommendations as to what can be done to protect the archaeological and architectural records.

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Final report