Faunal Consulting

Winter is the perfect time to think about those faunal remains. What are you going to do with the bones that were excavated over the past year’s field season? What role does faunal analysis play for this year’s field work? We are here to help answer those questions.

We offer competent, comprehensive, expert faunal analysis at reasonable rates. Faunal analysis, also known as zooarchaeology, can significantly contribute to the understanding of the people who created the archaeological deposits at the site.

Using our extensive in-house faunal collection, we provide you a multi-faceted analysis that may include:

  • species
  • aging
  • sexing
  • butchery techniques
  • minimum numbers of individuals
  • differential body part representation
  • average meat weight comparison
  • seasonality studies
  • historical interpretation
  • catchment areas determination

We understand project budgets and limited funds. At the same time, we know the unappreciated place that faunal remains still have in archaeological reports. As a result, we offer our services at very reasonable rates and are willing to work with your company to develop feasible faunal budgets for any amount of animal bone you may have recovered. No collection too large or too small.

Try PARP Faunal Consulting and receive FREE identification on your first 100 bones.