Plymouth Colony

“In truth, Plymouth Colony has an ongoing story that is worth recounting in all its colorful detail, enlivened and expanded by contemporary archaeology, cultural research, and living history.”

-James Deetz  The Times of Their Lives

Although Plymouth Colony was not the first English colony in the New World, it retains the distinction, justifiably or not, of being considered “America’s Hometown” and “the birthplace of American Democracy”. Unfortunately while Plymouth Colony maintains a rich and valuable Native American and Colonial history, the archaeology of the former Plymouth Colony has never been utilized to the degree that we feel it can be. Various institutions maintain collections excavated beginning in the 1850s, that for a variety of reasons (time, financial constraints, lack of staff) have gone unanalyzed and unpublished for decades.

What we at PARP hope to do is to help to bring about a change in this situation by synthesizing as much of this information about Plymouth Colony and make it available to school teachers, avocational and professional archaeologists, historians and anyone with an interest in this historically rich area.