Recent Projects

Below you will find links to some of our recent projects….17th century architecture, collections analysis, Native American archaeology, its all here!!

The Water St. House- a little house trapped within a big one…and a late 17th century archaeology site to boot!

Was John Howland’s House the First New England Stone Ender? This independent research project investigates this question and hopefully puts the idea of non-conforming 17th century architecture in Plymouth Colony squarely on the table. What do you think ?

Archaeology of the Samuel Fuller Homesite, Kingston, MA– Not the Pilgrim Samuel Fuller or his nephew, but a 19th century Samuel Fuller whom the tax records said was quite poor. Faunal remains, ceramics, glass, personnel items, and architecture tell a different story.

Plymoutharch’s Education Kits– The hands-on do-it-youself free downloadable kits that are fun for all ages.

Archaeology Collections at the Kingston, MA Public Library– Artifacts from the C-21 Allerton site as well as an important collection of Native American artifacts from the Cram Collection

Archaeology at the Wing Fort House- Another site with a little house encapsulated within a bigger one. In this case, the little house may have served as an in-law apartment for patriarch Stephen wing when he gave his house to his son. We excavated outside the north side of the house and found extensive evidence of a 19th century possible dairy and we almost fell down a well.

Find More of our reports on Scribd, just search for plymoutharch to find us.