C-21 The Allerton/ Prence/ Cushman Homesite

My beautiful pictureMy beautiful pictureIn 1972, Dr. James Deetz directed hurried excavations at an early colonial homesite in Kingston, Massachusetts. Background research soon revealed that it was most probably the original homesite of Isaac Allerton, Plymouth Colony’s merchant. More importantly, the excavations revealed that the house had been built using earthfast (a.k.a post-in-ground) construction techniques, something that had not been identified in New England before this important dig. The data gleaned from this excavation completely changed how Plimoth Plantation built their houses and even what a house was in the 17th century. Unfortunately, until the present report was completed, this important had been continually held up as an example of Plymouth Colony archaeology without anyone really understanding what was found and what it all could mean.

Report on the Archaeology of the Allerton Site

Appendix: Figures

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