Reports, previously found on Scribd, now available for you to download here:

Sandy’s Point Faunal Remains

Easton Stone Piles

Report on Site Examination Testing at the Brewster Homesite, Duxbury, MA

Ground Penetrating Radar Survey of Burial Fort Hill, Plymouth MA; Looking for the Fort

Percival Hall Lombard’s Excavations at the Presumed Site of the Aptucxet Trading Post, Bourne, MA

Results of the First Meeting House Ground Penetrating Radar Survey, Myles Standish Burial Ground, Duxbury, Massachusetts


Finding a Unique 17th Century House in Sandwich, MA

Was John Howland’s House the First New England Stone Ender

Archaeology of the Samuel Fuller Homesite, Background History and Testing

Archaeology of the Samuel Fuller Homesite Architecture

Archaeology of the Samuel Fuller Homesite, Ceramics

Archaeology of the Samuel Fuller Homesite, Glass

Archaeology of the Samuel Fuller Homesite, Personal Items

Archaeology of the Samuel Fuller Homesite, Faunal Analysis

Archaeology of the Samuel Fuller Homesite, Summary and Conclusions

Wampanoag Foodways

Documented and Suspected 17th Century Wampanoag Recipes

An Examination of a Bone FishingPoint from Grape Island, Boston Harbor, Boston, Massachusetts

Analysis of the Native American Artifacts in the Collections of the Mattapoisett Historical Society

Report on the Archaeological Collections at the Kingston Public Library, Kingston, Massachusetts

Report on Archaeological Investigations at the Wing Fort House ca1640 to present Sandwich, Massachusetts

A Reconstruction of Wampanoag Hide Tanning

Firearms in Plymouth

Plymouth Colony Livestock

Archaeology Under the House Three Occupations Literally Under One Roof

C-06 Bradford II Faunal Analysis

Acton Stone Chamber

Agawam Site Pottery Analysis

An Investigation into Weston’s Colony at Wessagussett Weymouth, Massachusetts

Reconnaissance Report on the Taylor Bray Farm Richard Taylor 1640 Homesite

Report of the Archaeological Investigations at the Site of the Second Meeting House in Duxbury, Massachusetts

Agawam Site Lithic Analysis

Analysis of the Archaeological Collections from Plymouth’s Harlow Old Fort House

Agawam Site Faunal Analysis

Alden Site Archaeological Report

Nye Mill Report Sandwich, MA

Plymouth Colony Quakers